Friday, October 14, 2005

Not as bad off as I am

Seattle - I bought an amandine at Le Panier in Pike Place Market and wandered over to Victor Steinbrueck Park to watch the ships in Elliott Bay. There was a relatively young homeless guy speaking loudly through a window to some diners who I'm sure couldn't hear him. "I've got 100 things to think about!" he was explaining as I came within earshot. He turned to me and started telling me about his love life (which apparently involves "every girl in Seattle") as I smiled my please-leave-me-alone smile and kept walking. "Hey!" he spat out. "Why are you so prematurely bald?"

Now, that shouldn't bother me, should it? I mean, the guy was stoned out of his mind, talking to a window. Everything he possessed was in a backpack leaning against a parkbench that will likely be his bed tonight. And yet, he looked at me and thought, "At least I've got my hair."