Sunday, May 08, 2005

Barcelona Day 3

La Sagrada Familia Nativity FacadeSlept like a rock. Alarm got us up at 8:45. Got to church about halfway through Sunday School (Sacrament Meeting was last). Wendy saw her old bishop and his wife – several others looked familiar. Met a missionary from Georgia. Visited La Sagrada Familia again. Spent a good chunk of the day at Ciutadella Park where they were having a festival of sorts for kids. Took a nap near a magician’s show and watched some people kick a soccer ball around. Rented rowboats for the little lake and saw some baby ducklings. Ate at our first (and probably only) “fancy” restaurant and weren’t that impressed. The smell of the gravy on my chicken reminded me of a stuffy nose. Dessert was good, though: Turron ice cream topped with crema Catalunya (crème brûlée as far as I could tell) and chocolate sauce. Tried to catch a Sardana dance but the guy said they wouldn’t start there until May 15. Tried to see a bull fight but we were late and they weren't selling tickets anymore. (Someone could make some big bucks scalping tickets for latecoming tourists because there were a ton of empty seats.) Stopped by Els Quatre Gats, an old Picasso hangout.

Fountain showWent to Plaça d’Espanya for a water fountain light and music show. Called Kevin and our moms with the 2 calling cards we now have. (Thought one said we only had 7 minutes left for 12 euros, but it's still working.) The fountain show was very impressive – it’s a long walk around the auto show. Came back and had a ham sandwich (not good – tasted like raw bacon on stale bread) from Boccata and a hot chocolate (not good – had to have them add some Nesquick to it) from Dunkin Donuts. Wendy had her third falafel in as many days. For breakfast we had churros, Napolitano (chocolate pastry) and a tasty thick hot chocolate and ice cream called Hot Magnum.

Tomorrow we’re going to Montserrat, a monastery on a hill.

Also attended part of a mass in the cathedral under Sagrada Familia. Gaudi’s tomb is there, too.

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