Wednesday, February 16, 2005

iPod returns

My iPod's battery capacity suddenly plummeted a few weeks ago -- it was lasting about 4 hours from a full charge instead of the advertized 12. I decided to send it back to Apple for a replacement since I've only had it for about 6 months. Unfortunately, I was 3 days past the 180 days they give you for free shipping, so they stuck me for $32. It's a pretty cool process -- you put in the request online and get an empty box via DHL a day later. It's all pre-padded with a space just big enough for the iPod. It even comes with several strips of tape to seal it back up. And it's prepaid, so you just drop it off at DHL or call them to arrange pick-up.

4 days later, I had a "new" iPod (the fine print emphasizes that you won't get your same iPod back and the replacement will be new or refurbished). The replacement was almost completely dead -- when I turned it on it would grind, click, grind, click, grind click, and then display a file and exclamation point icon before shutting itself off. It took me about 50 minutes on the phone with Customer Service to convince them that was a bad thing. I started the process over again - shipped it Monday and got another replacement that Saturday.

It seems to be working beautifully now (although I'm not totally convinced I'm back up to 12 hours). It was a painful couple of weeks without any Bob Dylan, though.


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